Monday, April 27, 2009

Yogg down!

In 10-man, at least. Fun fight; my favorite in the zone so far, but I'm probably biased since I'm a melee DPS and get to have all the phase 2 fun. Looking forward to working on 10man hard modes so we can wipe on Algalon for an hour every week and cry a lot.

My only reservations about the instance so far are cooldown-related. It's somewhat alarming how much we were able to get away with by just having our DK MT pop Icebound Fortitude every time something ugly happened. We completely bypassed Vezax's kite period this way. I'm told Feral Druids can do something similar with Barkskin and just having a ton of HP.

Blizzard's done some work on cooldowns already, but that primarily seemed pointed at the "chain cooldown" style of play where there's always something active. Unfortunately, many of the fights in Ulduar operate along the lines of "stable tank damage for a while, then a ton of tank damage for a few seconds, then stable tank damage again". This has a heavy bias toward the DK "low mitigation but lots of cooldowns" style of play, since they can orchestrate their cooldowns to be active during the high-damage parts and still be stable otherwise. I'm just not convinced that style of tanking can play nice with the Ulduar style of encounter design.

Of course, none of this matters too much in normal mode (except possibly Vezax since it does trivialize a large portion of the fight). In the hard modes, however, when everyone's stretched a little thinner, I have a feeling we may see a Sarth3D repeat.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's 7AM

...and I haven't slept yet.

...and instead of going to bed, I'm making a blog post. Oh, the sacrifices I make for the four people who read this!

Anyway, in case you're curious, the reason I've been up all night (which is becoming common lately) is that I was working on a video guide for Mimiron. Fun fight, but very complicated. So much talking I had to do! Look for it on Tankspot sometime tomorrow, hopefully before servers come up but I make no promises.

My 10 man crew is progressing nicely, and we're not far behind in 25's. I'm hoping we'll get at least one Yogg kill in this week! I've needed to do a surprisingly little amount of tanking. It's a little ironic, I suppose, that once I finally have access to dual specs I don't need to swap three times a week. Ah well.

Okay. Need sleep.

PS: In before irony argument.