Friday, June 22, 2007

I has blog.

So I was in the middle of a post on the Maintankadin forums, and I thought to myself, "Gee, I'd really like to write something up as a guide to this topic we're discussing in this here internet thread, but it'd be awful pretentious of me to just post a guide there and go THIS IS FACTS LOL." So I made a blog.

Guess I'll introduce myself a bit. My name is... well, debatable. I started playing WoW (that's the mighty World of Warcraft, if you're an AdSense bot) in beta, preordered the Collectors' Edition along with a copy for my wife, and made a Tauren Warrior named Sledge on the Eredar server. Most people still know me as Sledge. About a year after that I leveled a Warlock on Maelstrom (who I later transferred back to Eredar) named Cor. I also played a Priest named Clutch, who was my first entry into the disgusting world of endgame raiding. I eventually switched from raiding as Clutch to Sledge, where I got a large amount of my endgame tanking experience. Come BC, I leveled a Paladin, Lore (LOL!), with the express intent of tanking. I now raid 5 nights a week (sometimes more if you count the Karazhan runs I do on my alts), and at the time of this writing my guild, Months Behind, has downed Lady Vashj and is looking at a Kael'Thas kill sometime in the next couple weeks.

I do a lot of theorycrafting, hence this blog, so you can expect quite a bit of that nonsense here when I feel like writing something particularly long-winded. I'm also quite likely to throw a post up here when I manage to make some exciting tanking achievement, or I manage to lay my hands on some piece of gear I've been lusting after.


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Galoheart said...

I'm a Paladin and found your blog from a link on "Honors Code" blog since I also reads his blog also. I recognized your name from the Maintankadin forum since I read over there sometimes.

I have liked your post on the forum so I'm starting reading your posts here though its still a bit beyond me at the moment. Also linked you over to my little blog so others can find it.