Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WTB Sunwell PST

A little bit more bloggy and a little bit less tanky of an update today.

The Black Temple was released with Patch 2.1, itself released in May of 2007. Next week Tuesday will mark the 8-month point of no new 25-man content - 2 months longer than the gap between Blackwing Lair and Ahn'Qiraj, which previously held that record. I honestly don't expect to see 2.4 go live for at least another couple months. We're getting close to a full year with nothing new for 25-man raiders to do.

It's starting to take it's toll as well. Months Behind first zoned into Hyjal 6 months ago. We killed Illidan 2 1/2 months later. That means we've been farming Illidan for 3 1/2 months. We haven't had anything new to do aside from ZA (which kept us occupied for all of a week) since. We're long past bored, and when a game gets boring, you stop playing.

I've managed to keep myself occupied by playing around with Retribution lately (which is tons of fun btw), but others have gotten burned out. Some of our core members, people who have been with us since Molten Core, have stopped raiding. Some have quit the game for good. That's saddening on an epic scale.

Blizzard, if you're listening, we need Sunwell. We need something to do. I don't think MB will fall apart over it, but it certainly isn't making things easy.

In related news, Months Behind has open spots for several classes and specs. You can find our website in the links on the right, if you're interested.


Honors Code said...

On the upside, it has allowed casual guilds like my own to get caught up a bit. I don't think we'll be in BT by Sunwell (1/6, 0/4) but we might be close.

Michael J. said...

Any room for Mages? :D

Galoheart said...

Unfortuante to hear many don't have much to do or havent found anything else to do after completing the BT.

The answer though I would like to know is why has some quit raiding alltogether in the guild and why some have quit the game alltogether? Is that just due to no new content to attempt to complete beyond the BT. Is it they are just bored? Is it they are tired and frustrated with raiding alltogether and due to something else other than the 25 man content that some are so frustrated that they quit the game alltogether?

Inquring minds would like to know.

Lore said...

Yeah pretty much. Farming the same content for 4 months is really, really boring. There's been a pretty solid push to just stop raiding entirely until Sunwell hits, and we probably would if we weren't concerned that we'd have no raid team left when 2.4 finally did hit.

Michael J. said...


emyln said...

Hi Lore, I'm glad that you're in a guild that's among the top 5% or 10% on all the servers. Having The Black Temple on farm status is definitely an achievement.

But the fact of the matter is that the other 90% of players in WOW have not gotten to where you are and probably never will.

My own guild is working on Serperntshire now and only just downed Mag a couple of weeks ago. And though I know its a far cry from where you are, a huge majority have not seen the instances I've already done, let alone the one's you've done.

Bottomline, I'm falling more into the camp that Blizzard should start concentrating less of its efforts on instances/gameplay where only the top 5% will ever get to see.

That's just my point of view though.

Mazrael said...

I'm also going to have to go with the camp of 'QQ More.'

My own guild is in BT, but our progress has slowed primarily due to the inability to handle -natural- attrition, let alone whatever you're suffering because you 'beat the game.'

Attuning people and keeping up with filling slots has kept us from pursuing Bloodboil and I doubt we'll have much time on Illidan, let alone Sunwell, by the time WotLK invalidates it all.

If anything, Sunwell will be Naxx for BC, where only a smidgen of the playerbase will see any of it and it'll be coming too soon to WotLK's release. So if Blizzard takes their sweet time implementing it, I could care less. More focus on PvP balance and fixing things for the lower tier, IMO. You obviously have no issues with the game if Illidan is dead.

Duo=BigOne said...

Bit of QQ there.

There's always PVP for people who want to still log in for 8 hours a day.

What's that? They've already got s3 kit? Well, erm was that the only reason they were playing? For kit or for the winning?

There is no need for Blizz to rush sunwell out just for 2% of players.

Lore said...

Hello everyone coming here from WoW Insider!

I've posted a response to some of the comments here: http://lorelol.blogspot.com/2008/01/hi2u-wow-insider.html

Please take a look at it; my opinions have been blown out of proportion pretty heavily.

John said...

Sunwell will be Naxx a someone said- I got into one wing with my guild before BC came out. We're still stuck on the Vashj/Kael road block. Kael phase 3 hurts!

Definitely an achievement to "beat the game" though is it ever really beaten when they come out with new content... you guys could all take an agreed-upon hiatus

Michael J. said...

The issue with having any group of people taking a hiatus is that you have people who end up leaving and finding other things to do with their time.

While I'm not saying that its bad that they're finding other things (maybe healthier things) to do than playing WoW, it still isn't something good for the raid group itself.

Nik said...

our guild is suffering the same problem. we killed illidan on october 28th and it's been incredibly boring for the last two months.

there's always the people who play to play vs the people who just play for loot or play for the excitement of progression. when sunwell is out, many people will come back, but some of the damage is for good.

good luck to you guys!

-grouch@simple math