Friday, June 13, 2008

Updates, LOL!

Sorry for the slowness of updates lately; between Sunwell, Maintankadin, forgetting to record podcasts, and the little amount of time I've been able to spend playing Age of Conan, blogging has kind of fallen off of the radar :P

Thought I'd drop a quick post to bring up my thoughts regarding the Alpha leaks. First of all, shame on you, whoever is breaking your NDA's. Second, yes I've seen them, and no, I don't intend to discuss specifics of the leaked Alpha content on this blog, or on the podcast. Not even when the Paladin talents inevitably find their way into public hands. I'm not in the Alpha (hint hint, Blizzard!), I just don't feel right spreading information that Blizzard obviously wants kept secret.

I will say, however, that unlike those who are crying doom, I remain optimistic. I've been playing this game for, what, 4 years now? If Blizzard has been able to keep my attention this long, I have faith that they'll be able to continue to keep my attention. I think they're laying a lot of good groundwork to make WotLK amazing, and I'm absolutely frothing at the mouth for a chance to play it.

The Burning Crusade was, I think, something of a learning experience for Blizzard in many ways. Specifically in regards to the Paladin class, I think they've finally figured out what they want to do with us (specifically the Prot and Ret trees; at this point I think Holy needs more work than the "less popular" specs). The thing about TBC though was that they were developing and releasing all the content as they were tweaking the Paladin class, so the itemization and encounter design teams didn't really begin to take full advantage of the Prot and Ret abilities until late in TBC's lifecycle. I think going into WotLK, with where Prot and Ret stand now, we're set up to have a pretty good standing in the WotLK endgame.

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Paul said...

I'm cautiously optimistic about the expansion as well, especially given the gigantic leap in design philosophy between when they started (mp5 on the T4 & 5 Prot sets) and the pretty much perfectly-balanced T6/BT gear.

That said, I find it better to have low expectations over all.