Wednesday, August 27, 2008

O hi

How you doin?

Few items of business today:

#1: It occurs to me that I have totally forgotten to mention on my blog that I now have Beta access! Anyone else with access to the Wrath Beta can find me on my Paladin as Loreii (that's Lore II if you didn't catch it) on Horde side, or on my Death Knight, Spiderhelm, on the Alliance side. You can also just /join maintankadin as either faction, as I hang out in that channel while I'm on. All of my characters are on the Northrend server.

#2: I'm enjoying my Death Knight! It's a really well-done class. Plus, I specifically chose to level my DK in Beta on the Alliance side so I could do some instances with Ciderhelm... which means more podcasts soon!

#3: Speaking of Ciderhelm, how come he gets a Chuck Norris thread and all I get are angry Turks? This will not do, sirs!

#4: I'm writing for the Azeroth Advisor now! Don't let the website fool you, it's a 100% legit newsletter with some great people behind it. The articles I'm writing aren't too exciting for the moment, what with Wrath right around the corner and all, but there'll be plenty of cool stuff to write about once the expansion hits. Oh, and don't worry; I'm under a non-exclusive contract with them, so I'm still completely free to write things elsewhere. I can even repost content I've written for the Advisor if I want, but I probably won't.

#5: I'm unfortunately not going to be able to make it to Blizzcon this year; the funds just didn't line up. Sadfase. Hopefully next year!


Kinzlayer said...

Looking forward to your insights into Wrath as well. I'm definitely excite about the upcoming release of the pre-Wrath patch, as I can finally see how much gimpness my warlock will face comes Wrath.

Galoheart said...

Looking and hoping you will have time to write more on the class as the expansion rolls out.

I'm in the Beta as well. So far enjoying it.