Friday, January 2, 2009

"Why use 969"?

Fair warning: I may get a bit ranty. This is something that manages to drive me completely insane.

Every time someone judging Light and/or using two ranks of Shield of Righteousness calls the 969 rotation "unnecessary" I want to stab them through the internet using my own blinding rage.

It takes quite a bit to truly get under my skin. Ignorance? No problem, you just didn't know any better. Misunderstanding? Here, let me explain how it works in ridiculous detail. I like talking about tanking. That's why I do it so much.

But at least have the decency to comprehend what I'm saying.

You only need one point in Imp Judgement because, if you're doing everything right, you can't judge any more frequently than 9 seconds. Please stop asking me why I don't want to judge every 8 seconds. I would love to. I just can't.

100 of your friends are just going to ask the same question again in 30 seconds anyway.


Roberto said...

Before 3.0.8 I would say using all the exploits and bugs was just a way for Paladins to show their e-peen in threat but what they didn't know was that their DPS was ass because of not using the rotation.

When using 9696 you are utilizing top DPS and awesome threat, some smucks can't see that. I admit though I did use JoL and Double Shield for shits n giggles once we had everything on farm.

Roberto said...

Oh btw sup this is towelliee w000ttttt