Friday, September 26, 2008

Think of it this way

Ardent Defender - Increases the effectiveness of your Divine Protection spell by 6/12/18/24/30% while under 35% health.

Sounds pretty awesome right? That'd be a pretty significant nerf.

Ardent Defender is a great talent. Please stop complaining about it.


Knaughty said...


There's some Sunwell bosses than can leapfrog it!

I mean.. that become unpossible with bubblewall up...

But... QQ!


It's slightly less EH than Last Stand and scales worse the bigger the hits you're taking in exchange for being free, passive and always on.

I started using an AD tracker about when we entered Sunwell. since then I've taken 219 million damage. AD has mitigated 1.7 million - a rather pathetic 0.78% of damage I've taken.

Oh, and prevented 526 deaths.

So every 400k damage or so, AD saves me.

I take 2 mil to 6 mil damage per raid night.

So AD saves my arse 5 - 15 times a night. Several of those, maybe even most, I die shortly afterwards. even so, it is preventing multiple wipes per raid week.

And for the people who say "Make it impossible to buypass!" - if they did, it would a rather overpowered flat 10.5% bonus to health. Somewhat extreme, don't you think?

Lore, I'll send you a fabulous NOPRIZE if you do the same post re 5/5 Kings :)

Knaughty said...

Aaaand that 526 "Deaths Averted" misses a lot of the deaths averted from small hits due to the way the tankadin mod implements it's DA tracking.

It only sees the "single blow" deaths, not the times you're taking a lot of small hits while under AD and getting small heals (HoTs) at the same time.

So that "5 - 15" times a night is an underestimate that mostly counts deaths averted against big hitters.

Lore said...

That's also data taken without Divine Protection as a Shield Wall, so, although valid, it is irrelevant :P

Knaughty said...

My point was that AD is already quite good, in live, in Sunwell - which is where people complain about it. It's saving me from death half dozen ties a night or more - that's probably more utility that the warriors get from last stand.

In 3.0, it gets even better due to interaction with bubblewall. But the remainder works the same.

I think there would be far fewer complaints about AD if it went "DING" every time it prevented a death...