Friday, August 31, 2007

Bit of a lull

Things have been kinda slow lately, on all fronts. I had hoped to see some more interesting stuff come out of the Liepzig convention. Oh well, it sounds like 2.3 PTR's should be up not long after 2.2 goes live (which in all hopefulness should be this Tuesday).

We put some decent attempts in on Archimonde last night, ridiculous fight but a lot of fun. Kind of underwhelming for an "end boss" encounter really. Only one tank though, and I can't break fears, so time to strap on the healing gear. Haven't messed with Gurtogg much, think we're probably going to stick to getting Archimonde down first. His loot's better.

Been kinda slow on the progression for the past month, kind of disappointing. We've had some attendance issues, but things seem to be clearing up. Doesn't help that we keep having to attune new people to BT and Hyjal, so we waste a lot of time in SSC. We've been able to buy cleared Kael'thas fights off of less-progressed guilds, but who knows how long that'll hold out. Hopefully I can get my BP off him before then, I really need an upgrade and I need to be careful with my T6 DKP.

My sword's getting upgraded once the patch hits, pretty happy about that. Free spell damage FTW, and it means I can save my arena points to see what S3 brings. In the meanwhile, I need to quit being a big fat failure:

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