Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blizzcon Stuffs

Alright, as promised, here's my opinions on the stuff announced at Blizzcon.

Wrath of the Lich King
Dear god, I want this to come out now. New content sounds pretty sweet, some of the flyby's were pretty cool looking, and the expansion has a lot of potential to be far more steeped in the lore (LOL!) than The Burning Crusade was. In fact, come to think of it, the Burning Crusade was pretty disappointing in the lore department. Oh well, at least Khadgar was there.

Also, I want an Ashbringer. Gimme.

Death Knight
As stated previously, you bet your ass I'll be rolling one. I don't care if their tanking sucks, I don't care if their DPS sucks, I don't care if the rune system sucks... it's a new class, and getting to be one of the people theorycrafting everything out and learning how something new ticks is going to be so much fun. The rune system does sound really cool though; basically an energy bar, except different portions of your energy bar are used for different abilities. Lots of theory involved there, sounds like tons of fun.

No, I doubt I'll be quitting my Paladin, but eh, it's quite a ways out anyway.

You know, I didn't think they would be, but watching the SC/War3/WoW Arena tournaments was actually pretty cool to watch. The Starcraft and WoW Arena tournaments were the best, Tasteless and Leeroy make pretty good announcers. War3 tournament was mostly listening to whatshername and that one dude try to figure out what was going on, pretty bleh. Mostly I only watched them because Giga kept playing them instead of the panels.

Paladin stuff
Actually quite a bit less than I expected, and not much new. I was kinda disappointed. There was supposedly some interview in which they gave out a bunch of cool information, but I haven't seen it pop up anywhere yet. Probably was in some magazine or something where we won't see it for 3 months. Most everything seemed centered around Ret fixes. I liked when Tom Chilton said we could heal ourselves while AOE tanking though, that was pretty funny (and somewhat concerning).

I'm drunk
Yeah, so that about covers it.

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