Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Zoned into Hyjal tonight, 1-shot Rage Winterchill and attuned like 8 new people to BT, so we headed over there...

4-shot Naj'entus. Loots were:
[Eternium Shell Bracers] to Float (our Warrior MT)
[Tide-Stomper Greaves] to meeee!

Went on to Supremus, along the way we got a couple trash drops... physical DPS ring to Sophi (Enh Shaman) and druid tanking boots to Yajed (one of our Druid MT's)

4-shot Supremus. Loots were:
[Band of the Abyssal Lord] to Yajed
[Pauldrons of Abyssal Fury] to meeee!

Going to go in and look at Shade of Akama next week, he's a 60-second DPS race which is the type of fight we're generally best at, should be pretty good. Meanwhile I await when we finally head for Kaz'Rogal so I can replace my stupid Shield of Impenetrable Darkness...


Michael J. said...

Grats on finally using all the DKP on something.

Kaziel said...

60 second DKP fight? Details?