Friday, July 27, 2007

Plowing through Hyjal too

Man, I am really loving BT and Hyjal. Both instances have a few nice and easy bosses to kick back and relax after Kael and Vashj.

Anyway, Anetheron down (Warrior tanking sword to Peauchute and Feral staff to Timber), as well as Kaz'rogal (BM Hunter shoulders to Seazon and Plate DPS belt to Tankos). Took a look at Azgalor's trash waves also, hopefully expecting a kill Monday. This is the last week we'll be putting both TK and SSC on the schedule also, which gives us another 1-2 days at least in BT and Hyjal. I fully expect to be putting Archimonde attempts in next week =)


Kaziel said...

Grats! Oh, check out It's a raiding guild progress tracking site (using the Armory). Months Behind is the farthest guild on your server (you know that) and ranking somewhere a little over the top 100 (like 112th overall as of last checking).

Michael J. said...

You guys can't stop doing SSC/TK! What about my lewts?!