Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shade of Akama down too

Since Kaziel asked, here's a condensed version of the fight:

Easysauce fight, pally tanks very useful. Adds come out of the sides of the room for a while, a bunch get killed (most of them are the ones I tank), some get offtanked (druids), some just get burned down by specific people. After you do that for a while, Shade of Akama starts attacking
the real Akama, you've got about a minute to burn through the Shade's 1 million HP before he kills Akama. Adds stop spawning at that point so everything that's left just gets OT'ed and the Shade gets full DPS.

Pretty fun, very easy fight. And my bracers dropped!

[The Seeker's Wristguards]


Michael J. said...

Get more loot for tanking our 5-mans, plz. :D

Lore said...

I can't post anything without you chiming in, can I?

Michael J. said...

You shouldn't have given me the blog link.

But in all fairness, I didn't post in this one:

I also learned my trolling from the best.